NYE 2008

So this year was was definitely a crazy year. So many thing happened and i suppose the thing i should be most grateful for is being alive and having a wonderful family and great group of friends and a job that allows me to have cash money.

On NYE my friend Kelly (smelly kelly) and Ryan and I went to this great Chinese food place called The Palace off of Hillhurst in Los Feliz. We had the Honey Walnut Shrimp, Orange Chicken, and the Garlic Green Beans. i;m not sure if you can see me but my mouth is watering like Ka-razee...

anyways when then left to go to this bar in Hollywood called the Frolic Room. The only reason why i know this place is my buddy Troy took me there a while back and i've been back maybe or three times since. It was a good vibe in contrast to the mayhem going on outside... lines of people trying to get into clubs and girls stumbling in high heels... the only thing i wished i had was a small digital camera that recorded video. HA! So this bar was also the subject of a 311 song off their last album called Frolic Room.

Here's NYE 2008 through my camera lens

Kelly and Me
NYE at the Frolic Room in Hollywood
NYE 2008 crew (Me, Kelly, and Ryan)
NYE at the Frolic Room in Hollywood
NYE at the Frolic Room in Hollywood
Merry New Years!!
NYE at the Frolic Room in Hollywood
The Freaks Come Out at Night
NYE at the Frolic Room in Hollywood

the rest of the pictures are HERE

Over all it was a great night... can't complain.