Ghostwolf and ƎXOE

Now that the dust has settled a little bit, I can revisit these past few weeks with a clearer mind. Nothing catastrophic happened, but if you know me I can get really caught up and backed up with some of my work. But that'll be a post for another day.

Ghostwolf (SA Martinez, Evan Anderson, Ryan Siegel) announced a 3 city tour starting in LA then onto Omaha and ending in NYC. These shows were a long time coming and it was great to see these shows come together and so many people come and support them. I remember hearing the first demos at SA's house years ago and immediately asking him for a copy of it. That request was shot down quick, but not because he didn't want me to have the songs, but at some later date he wanted to re record them and give them a proper release. As you know 311 tours A LOT and what little time they have off is probably spent with family and gearing up for the next tour. So the wait for me to hear Ghostwolf again was well over a 5 year wait. That was about the time Ryan and Evan really started getting ƎXOE off the ground. I would hear songs here and there as they were being finished and finally when Lunar Halos was released, Ghostwolf was no longer a project. It was an entity. These songs aren't just put together haphazardly, they are amazingly crafted songs with substance. So you could imagine how happy I was to hear that they were planning these 3 shows.  Ghostwolf would be accompanied by 3 amazing musicians in Kenny Schwartz, Dan Ellis, and Sherman. I'm glad I got to be a fly on the wall during this run of shows. (I couldn't make it to Omaha). 

The photos below were shot in Ojai before their show in LA at Molly Malone's. 

Global Citizen Festival NYC

Last weekend in New York City was amazing. As someone who's been diagnosed with FOMO (Fear OF Missing Out), New York can be a difficult place to visit because there's so much to do and it's impossible to get to everything on a travel checklist. For me it was probably one of the best trips I've ever had to New York. I was able to check off a lot of my "to-do" items and see almost everyone I wanted to see and do everything I wanted to do. One thing that I was fortunate to see was the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park. I had to cut out a little early, but I was able to catch K'Naan, Band of Horses, The Black Keys, and a bit of Foo Fighters' last set. Again, last weekend in New York was amazing and the thing that made it all possible was timing. Timing really is everything!

ps this was only the beginning of an amazing night... stay tuned.