Other Lives at The El Rey 11/3/201

I was introduced to Other Lives about a year ago when my friend Melissa sent me some tracks. I give them a listen and immediately went out and looked for anything they had released. They only had a couple of songs online, but knew that I needed to buy a copy for myself. In fact the album i bought is still sitting next to my desk as I type this out.
In early November I had the opportunity to catch this Oklahoma band at The El Rey Theatre and it was an impressive performance. Their light show set up had a lot of pulsating lightbulbs adding a dramatic feel to an already intense performance.
The El Rey's been a stepping stone for a lot of bands before they go on to play bigger venues in the city of LA and Other Lives is deserving of a bigger venue and more fans. Check them out if you haven't. You'll won't regret it... unless this isn't your type of music. ENOUGH WITH WORDS! check out the photos below!


JJAMZ at The Troubadour 11/07/2012

JJAMZ (pronounced JUHJAMZ) is an All-Star group comprised of Z Berg (The Like), Michael Runion (The Elected), Alex Greenwald (Phanton Planet), James Valentine (Maroon 5), and Jason Boesel (Rilo Kiley). JJAMZ released their debut album, Suicide Pact, through Dangerbird Records and has quickly become one of LA's favorite bands. JJAMZ has hit a couple milestones very quickly in a short amount of time. They had a June residency at The Satellite. Released their first album in July. And now they have a slot opening up for No Doubt during their 7 Night stand at the Gibson Amphitheater. There's no denying that this band has staying power. Enough with the words! Scroll down to check out their photos from their gig at The Troubadour. 

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Cowboys and Indies Night 2: Ryan Darton and The Wildebeasts

Ryan Darton's been hustling at this music game for a while since he left Kid Theodore/Toy Bombs to pursue his solo career and he's doing it right. He's out there playing shows and showing people the product that he's made. I am a Moth is a great album that was recorded in the place I currently live and I have seen this album take shape to what it is now... a solid album with heartfelt songs from start to finsih. His live shows will only make you fall in love with the shows more. 
Ryan Darton and The Wildebeasts made the trek up to Utah to perform at Velour alongside The Devil Whale, Ferocious Oaks, and EYES LIPS EYES for Cowboys and Indies and these are the photos from his set. 
Check these out and Check out Ryan Darton's site for more music. 

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Cowboys and Indies Night 2: EYES LIPS EYES

A couple weeks ago Velour Live had their annual Cowboys and Indies show where they showcase a wide range of Utah based bands. This year they had two nights with The Moth and The Flame headlining the first night and EYES LIPS EYES headlining the second night. Unfortunately I missed night one as I was catching up on sleep, but you better believe I was ready for night 2. I took the hour drive south to Provo and the night was full of great bands. The lineup consisted of Ferocious Oaks, Ryan Darton and The Wildebeasts, The Devil Whale, and EYES LIPS EYES. It's always good to see shows in other cities and see the crowd's reaction to live music and Provo is consistently a great place to see kids have fun. Hope these photos convey the energy of that night.