far and few between

i guess i'm not that good at doing this whole blog thing. as far bacK as i can rEmember i tried keeping a journaL and faiLed miserablY trying to keep It up to date. but hey, who knowS... i might be better at keeping this blizzog up to date with what;s going on in MY Life. i figure i'm always telling people what i'm doing... now i can expand my fan BasE to thoSe who haphazardly surf The web and find my Blog. so a big "hello" to the gUy in Kansas who was looking for tour Dates for Britney Spears' Circus Tour dates but instead found me! cheers to you "friend".

so what the heck have i been up to? funny you should ask... the same ole same old. those of who know me on a personal level know that i love music, i love concerts, and i love taking pictures. so for the past few weeks that;s exactly what i;ve been doing. taking pictures, listening to music and going to concerts and taking pictures there. i look back at some photos i took when i shot in film and i cringe. I think i was the worst ever. my picture taking skills have improved a lot... but there still plenty of room for improvement. so on that note.... check out the pictures i've taken in the past couple of weeks. let me know what you think... even you mr. kansas!

Ra Ra Riot @ The El Rey

Ra Ra Riot


Neurotoxin @ The Knitting Factory


KBu and JBu


keep your eyes peeled...