This past year has definitely been one of the most interesting years of my life. For those who have been following my facebook/twitter updates know that I've been a bit of an urban gypsy. Flights to New York, DC, Cancun, Las Vegas, sprinkled with small trips to Ojai. I'm not saying any of this to brag, but really it's a reality check as to how blessed i've been this past year. i have nothing to complain about... i've been extremely blessed.

It all started about a year when i flew out to NYC to shoot 311. My friend Ryan Siegel was nice enough to let me crash on his couch and let me come and go as i pleased. I ran around the city getting lost (which i actually still do despite having an iphone), seeing the sites and doing all the things a tourist do. I even went up to Boston for a couple hours... (that's a blog post in and of itself).

The thing i loved most about this first trip was the friendships i made. Ryan and I were friends, but i left knowing that i had a brother in another state... We were both going through similar situations in our personal life and we bonded. Then there was Francesco and Evelyn... two good people. Nothing more, nothing less. It's refreshing to be around people that have good energy.
Enough with the words... bring on the pictures.
First night in BK (Brooklyn)
one of my first subway rides.
Waiting for the J train.
Cafe Habana where we would run into Luke Wilson. He sat at next to us just so he could listen to our conversation.
Central Park
View from on top of 30 Rock
Lorimer exit of the J train on a very very late night
Francesco and Evelyn. I shot their wedding a month later.
While i was in NYC the news of Michael Jackson's death spread like wildfire and that night every bar, car, and boombox was blasting Jackson 5, Michael Jackson. RIP King of Pop.

The trip was a success and was the beginning of many more trips..

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Collin R. Willardson says:
at: July 1, 2010 at 9:49 PM said...

Dude!!!! I love these pics. Especially the one of Francesco and His wife of justice. This is amazing. If i ever get married, im hiring you to shoot my wedding.