If you know me, then you know what The Cube is. The Cube is a creative space in the form of 2 lofts occupied by EYES LIPS EYES and Toy Bombs. These two bands moved from Utah to California to leave their mark on the local music scene and have been successful at it. I had the opportunity to tour with these two bands in October of 2010 and it was a glorious time. New friendships were made, and amazing memories... but i digress.
The Cube is a hang out where different artistic mediums take shape. Amanda paints, Tony Hello films and edits videos, Aaron records and masters music, Thomas uses photoshop to express his art in creating gig flyers, and Cole, Brandon, Gardner, Thomas, Spencer, Tony Hello, Ryan Darton aka RSD, and Aaron express themselves musically. Before The Cube was a work/live loft, it was a venue where bands played. LCD Soundsystem actually played a show there once, but it was made into lofts soon after. The Cube was home to Gunnstock where Bastard Lovechild of Rock n Roll, Toy Bombs, and EYES LIPS EYES played to celebrate Amanda's 22nd bday. It was a great night full of music and dancing inspired by CORPSEWALL's excellent choice of music. This inspired everyone to make The Cube a destination for small shows to showcase new talent from LA or anyone passing through. (more on this as details become available.) The Cube is my home away from home. You can often catch me sleeping or editing photos on the couch in EYES LIPS EYES' loft or convincing Spencer to grab some tacos at the local Taco Truck.
Last Tuesday I showed up at The Cube and walked in on Toy Bombs playing one of my favorite songs.
Check it out!

Here's a fun video i made walking to The Cube

There will be more videos like these as more and more bands come by. If you're interested in playing at The Cube, go to The Cube's Facebook page and "like" it and send some love.
The Cube has also been in many videos likes the ones below:

In conclusion: The Cube is the place to be. One day you'll have the privilege of hanging there and enjoying some live music or maybe partake of some of Spencer's tasty french toast at Breakfast night or Aaron's German Pancakes. The Cube is not only a place, but a creative movement that's secretly planning to take over LA and your heart.
see you there!

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