Yesterday was sort of a LONG day. But there's no better way to make it last longer than to photograph it... right?
Evan, one half of EXES of EVIL, just flew in from Chile where he was working for 311 on a couple South American dates which also included Lollapalooza Chile. We had lunch at Hinano Cafe in Venice then hit up the Pinkberry before he had to jet (literally) back to Omaha.
faces of friends
faces of friends
faces of friends
Stopped by Little Tokyo to check out a cool mural Kevin Circosta did to HELP JAPAN
If you can't tell already i pieced the photo below with multiple shots.
Then I headed down to The Cube to chill and saw some familiar faces and one new one.
faces of friends
The Senator
faces of friends
faces of friends
Thomas Lennon
The new face. (she tried so hard not to smile, her face was twitching)
faces of friends
Then I headed over to The New Beverly Cinema to see this masterpiece. Thanks Kjerstin for the invite!
This is by far my favorite scene from both Kill Bill Volumes... (take time to watch it... it's really good.)

Yesterday was a good day...