Volcan Osorno from Frutillar
Los Lagos, Chile has to be one of the most beautiful areas I've ever visited. Right now Puerto Montt is home base and we take little day trips to surrounding locations. I've learned that there's a bus heading to almost every destination in this area so there really isn't a need for any tour guides. Unfortunately we've learned this after using the tour guides. You live and you learn. The bus drivers here seem to have found a mega mix track of all these songs that have the same time signature and they mix these songs in with the same drumbeat. I loved it the track after the first listen... but it lost it's lustre after the 50th play.
Here are some photos:
The smartest stray dog I've seen hanging out lakeside at el Lago Llanquihue
El Rio Petrohue
El Volcan Osorno from Lagos de Todo Los Santos
My Mommy and me.
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Maritza Cruz
at: February 11, 2012 at 5:41 AM said...

Marcello, your photos are amazing as always! Makes me want to fly to Chile right now! Love the pic of you and your Mom, you guys look so happy!