A couple weeks ago Velour Live had their annual Cowboys and Indies show where they showcase a wide range of Utah based bands. This year they had two nights with The Moth and The Flame headlining the first night and EYES LIPS EYES headlining the second night. Unfortunately I missed night one as I was catching up on sleep, but you better believe I was ready for night 2. I took the hour drive south to Provo and the night was full of great bands. The lineup consisted of Ferocious Oaks, Ryan Darton and The Wildebeasts, The Devil Whale, and EYES LIPS EYES. It's always good to see shows in other cities and see the crowd's reaction to live music and Provo is consistently a great place to see kids have fun. Hope these photos convey the energy of that night. 

Rehearsing Psycho Killer by Talking Heads for the Grand Finale


 The Grand Finale - Psycho Killer by all 4 bands on the bill!

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This is brilliant. Well done, sir.