About 2 weeks ago i asked my old mission buddy Scott if he wanted to go to NYC for a week to chill and decompress... he said "why don't we just go to DC and see U2 and MUSE in concert?" my response was, "um... ok." 2 weeks later... we're here in DC

So i landed DC on Friday... and i immediately took out my camera.

sitting and waiting for my iPhone to charge.

took the metro out to meet with my buddy sergio who lives out in Arlington VA.

sergio stuck in the middle with these 2 guys.

Scotty and Serg talking planes, trains and automobiles.

The metro here in DC looks like it took the architecture from a Star Wars film...

Took the green line to the Navy Yard to go to a party... and it was close to Nats Stadium...

Before we went to the party we had to go hit up FIVE GUYS. I've been there before but this time around i took my time to order it just right. i ordered a hamboyger with with grilled onions, grilled bell peppers, mayo and lettuce... delicious to the max (do people still say that?). in any case i wasn't hungry the rest of the night to say the least...

A master piece of culinary goodness...

We then hit up the party which ended up being on a rooptop... something we don't have enough in LA. but this apartment building was right behind the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument. Can't complain... it was a GOOD night.

Rooftop party full of green water and good conversation...

and phrenology instruments.

and an impromptu photo shoot with scotty and graffiti.

and the ride home...

DC Day 1 in the books... DC Day 2 is still being written as i blog...

All the photos from DC Day 1 can be found HERE.