DC Day 2...
The day started out quite nicely... woke up and went straight to the to breakfast cause we needed head out the to Nationals Park. But before we got going... we hit up this Salvadorian restaurant to get a nutritional breakfast which consisted of an apple pastry and hot chocolate.

Sergio and Scott still drinking their hot chocolate... i'm pretty sure i burnt an estimated 45% of my taste buds from drinking my hot chocolate.

We got to the metro station to head over to the ballpark.

finally someone who rivals my iPhone usage...

Metro station

water under a bridge.

is it me... or does this adorable kid remind you of Jay-Z?

Round 2 at National Park

People gathered together at National Park to celebrate a gals birthday. of the 15 people that were there... i'm pretty sure there were 2 people genuinely paying attention to the game... everyone else was taking or taking pictures... and guess what i was doing....

Sergio and Me before the downpour.

there were these statues depicting different baseball movements that actually showed a frame by frame. here's one of them...

Scott and i at the team store determined to find an Montreal Expos hat...

FIVE GUYS once again.

meeting new people... that's jen. apparently scotty indirectly got her fired from a job. he's that good of a marketer that the marketing firm jen worked for laid her off cause scott's company snagged one of her clients... words were exchanged... but they made up in the end.

the bday gal... happy bday shanna... and look and her beautiful blue eyes and without color enhancements in photoshop.

It started raining a lot during the game so we just headed back home and rested.

taking the death star back home...

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