For those of you who know me... i love art. Unfortunately my finger isn't always on the pulse of the art community so a lot of what i discover happens after someone's done a lot of the leg work. So I owe this one to Bobby Hundreds.
Here is Phillip Lumbang. This guys used to work for Studio One (Shepard Fairey's Design Studio) and now is on his own trying to go at it alone. Last night was the opening reception of Hug Life Exhibit in LA. All of this exhibit consisted of was furry little animals, mostly bears. I went with my homies Kelly, Jeremy and Ann. The reason why i like this art so much is because it's simple. There isn't a philosophy behind it or technique learned from art school... it's just art. Art that i like.

The art was both visually stimulating and educational. Who knew a Black Bear and a Polar Bear made a Panda Bear?




Shepard Fairey on the One's and Two's




Well there you have it. i loved the exhibit and it was just good to get out and support a local artist that is about to blow up.

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