From time to time I get some visitors here at my place in Covina, CA. If you don't know where Covina, CA is just watch "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure". It's close by where the movie takes place. I'm starting to think that the only purpose that movie had was to put San Dimas on the map and serve as a geographical reference point to anyone who doesn't know where Covina is. But i digress...

My buddy Gus came by to help me design a logo for my photography, but it quickly turned into lunch/viewing party of the US vs. Netherlands soccer game. I met Gus and his twin brother Javier back in high school and we've been good friends since. He's probably one of my most creative friends i have and recently decided to pursue art full time and designing my photography logo is his first task.


Then my good friend Kelly aka Kaybu aka KB aka Bish stopped by. Kelly just came back from living in London, England for about 5 months. She's been back a little over a week now and adjusting to not knowing what time it is since we don't have a Big Ben here in LA.


The day ended with Midlake at The El Rey. They played a great set playing songs from "The Trails of Von Occupanther" and their newly released album "The Courage of Others". Thanks to Emily, Sasha, and Tony for being my +3.

Midlake IMG_0531
In the words of Reverend Ice Cube, "[Yesterday] was a good day."