The weekend is typically a span of time when you can relax and get things done that you didn't have time to do during the week. My weekend started January 8, 2010 and it's still going... but that's a complicated blog post for another day.
Back to the subject at hand... the weekend. yeah... this weekend was slightly busy.
On Friday I went to a holiday party at church, a birthday party at a karaoke bar.
Most of Saturday was spent sitting at home watching anything remotely interesting on HBO and The Sundance Channel. These Southern California rain storms are making it difficult to mobilize and get stuff done. I guess I'll let it slide since this is probably the only rain we'll get in a long time.
This photo sums up the weekend...
The end

Saturday night I headed over to Art Center's Grad Show to support my friend Derek Wong. Derek just completed his schooling in Graphic Design and is heading over to New York before the year's end to start a new gig... so I needed to catch him before he left.
Derek's twin brother Kyle Wong, who is also moving to New York, is a photographer. Kyle's photography is amazing. His photography always has some meaning behind it... sometimes i don't know what that meaning is, but i know his photos aren't just superficial. Wanna enrich your lives for a bit? Go over to Derek and Kyle's blog for a bit and see what i'm talking about.
Kyle and Derek.
The end
The end
The end
Best of luck guys!
Sunday I went to church then immediately after made a b-line to Mummy Space Island Productions Headquarters, aka Will Kindrick's house, to get help on some special effects for a music video i shot and directed last week for Eyes lips Eyes.
Will's been busy working on a webisode called "Dead Grandma, which is a throw back to 1950’s-60’s sitcoms about a grandma who comes back from the dead to haunt her grandson Andy, played by Matt Heder, with unwanted love and life advice. I've seen a couple episodes and they are hilarious. Bookmark Will's blog or "Like" the Dead Grandma Facebook page for further updates on this project.
here's a look at Mummy Space Island Productions HQ
I don't want to reveal what we're doing to my music video... but here is what i can show you... HA!

Safe to say that this weekend was great. i'm blessed to be surrounded by many talented people... you know who you are.

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Matt Heder says:
at: December 20, 2010 at 5:51 PM said...

You have no idea how iconic this photo is( the top secret will one). ha ha love it

m.e.w says:
at: December 21, 2010 at 1:10 AM said...

you = the bomb marc!